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A pair of shoes

A round of booze

Pretty eyes

Thinner thighs

A dress on sale

Gift in the mail

Stuff to clean the house

A dressy blouse

Supplies for school

A nice fake jewel

Permanent curls

Three little girls

Wait… what’s that you say? Three little girls? No, no way.

Yes, in Northern Thailand a man can go to a brothel and for $50 he can buy three little girls for 24 hours. He can take them anywhere he wants and do anything he wants with them.

This problem has come to the United States… and we need to STOP it! Will you help? Run, walk or donate to the Run Against Trafficking 5K on October 3, 2015 to support those that are helping to STOP the trafficking of children. To sponsor a Survivor with $30, buy a STOP Trafficking sign for $100 or give any amount CLICK HERE.

Thank you!


Media Advisory 8-1-14

The R.A.T. Race to Fight Sex Trafficking Is Launched by Volunteers

Phoenix, Arizona Sex trafficking is modern-day slavery, which, according to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act defines as recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act has not attained 18 years of age.

The vast majority of the girls being trafficked in America are U.S. citizens. Traffickers generate billions of dollars while millions of our daughters, their families and others drawn into trafficking are victimized. The R.A.T. Race AZ is dedicated to raising awareness and uniting the community in the battle to end this horror.

The Run Against Trafficking (R.A.T.) Race is being organized by volunteers with a passion to stop sex trafficking in Arizona. Determined to raise awareness, they are inviting volunteers to learn how to join the fight. They are modern-day abolitionists, inspired by men like the English politician William Wilberforce, who became the voice of the abolition movement in Parliament in the late 1700s and who was completely committed to the conviction that together we can accomplish more than we can alone.

WHAT: The Run Against Trafficking (R.A.T.) Race is the first community-wide event established to unite all the organizations working to help the victims of trafficking, community leaders and the general public.

WHO: The race committee welcomes all individuals, organizations and the public to come together and support this effort. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply to be partner teams of the First Annual R.A.T. Race.

HOW IT CAME ABOUT: After six months in Myanmar and Thailand, Brenda Gifford came home determined to make a difference. She organized the R.A.T. Race and was all-in when it came to advocating programs that assist victims of trafficking both here in Arizona and in Southeast
Asia. As she worked on the R.A.T. Race, she was shocked to learn the seriousness of the situation in Arizona. Rep. Doug Coleman invited her to attend the Governor's Task Force on Human Trafficking and from that day forward the effort refocused on Arizona and the immediate need to raise public awareness of the enormous and little-discussed problem here.

Brenda went to work with friends and fellow volunteers to create a 5K run/walk/roll/push-a- stroller/push-a-wheelchair event that anyone and everyone could be a part of. With a deep conviction that together we can do so much more than we can alone (and the notion that the larger the number of participants, the greater the impact on community awareness), she is a woman on a mission to build an army of volunteers committed to changing how we think about this issue.

WHEN: Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 9 AM, exactly 100 days before the Super Bowl in Arizona. WHERE: Reach 11 Sports Complex, North Phoenix

Address: 2425 E Deer Valley Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85050

MORE DETAILS: Entry fee is $30 per person, it includes an event t-shirt and access to all race day vendors. Sign up to be a team captain and recruit walkers from your company, church or friends. Sign up your non-profit to raise funds through the R.A.T. Race. Become a sponsor, with packages ranging from $25,000 to $1,000.

OTHER WAYS TO HELP: Invite us to speak at your next gathering; provide flyers to pass out or sell $100 STOP Traffickingsigns to be placed along the course on race day.


Contact Us:

Chairman: Brenda Gifford  |

Event Manager: Andrea Evans  |  Phone: 602-448-5959  |  Email: